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Blogs for women over 50 are much rarer than the blogs created by the millennial’s, or “the young people” as I like to call them around my home.  


But here are some amazing blogs for women over 50 run by women who took a big leap into the world of internet blogging. It’s a good thing they did!  


Some of them are making serious money. And all of them are creating positive change by sharing their skills and talents with the world.    


The Lady Party 


The Lady Party, by author Margot Potter, is one of the most inspirational blogs out there for women over 50. Reminding women that numbers do not define us, Margot, aka Madge, sets out to challenge the status quo. 


Finding the fun in mid-life and encouraging women to be themselves, Madge writes about her journey of ‘aging disgracefully’ and about why women over 50 should absolutely still wear jeans. 


Over 50 Feeling 40 


Over 50 Feeling 40 is managed by Pamela Lutrell – a fashion and lifestyle writer who blogs about various health and beauty topics targeted at women over 50. 


Among other things, Pamela writes about her empowering journey as she sought to change her life and focus on self-care. The mission of Over 50 Feeling 40 is to help other women to look and feel their best, and to live their life with renewed strength and dignity. 


An Inch of Gray 


An Inch of Gray is a different kind of inspirational blog for women over 50. Of all the mid-life blogs out there for women, An Inch of Gray focuses less on fashion and more on acknowledging life’s challenges, as well as those moments we ought to treasure. 


Author and blogger Anna Whiston-Donaldson open up about some of the hardships and bereavement she has faced, while also celebrating the joyous moments she’s been fortunate enough to experience in her life. 


2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady 


2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady is one of those blogs that can be enjoyed by women who are both over and under 50. The blog is written by Pamela Davis, one of the ‘2 Chicks’ and caregiver for her developmentally disabled sister and legally blind mother. 


2 Chicks and 1 Old Lady is a blog that covers all things from lifestyle, through to healthcare, care-giving, and dating advice. Aimed at providing support for fellow caregivers in a fast-growing field, this blog offers a unique look at the life of a caregiver as they navigate their responsibilities, and also includes helpful care-giving resources. 


50 Shades of Age 


Coined as a ‘lighthearted blog for the fifty somethings,’ 50 Shades of Age is an Australian blog that includes posts on travel, lifestyle, technology, and mind & body wellness. 


Created in 2012 by a woman who considers herself ageless and free-willed, 50 Shades of Age is a platform committed to inspire and encourage mid-life women. 50 is a milestone, and this blog is about celebrating that. The ‘Travel’ section is vast and contains some stunning photography of places visited both within Australia and overseas. 


Cresting The Hill 


Cresting The Hill is another Australian-based blog for women over 50 that focuses on the joys and freedoms that are offered after the 50-milestone. 


Unlike some of the mainstream lifestyle blogs out there for women, Cresting The Hill is about defining ourselves outside the roles we become accustomed to throughout our lives, like ‘wife’ and ‘mother.’ Creator Leanne encourages us to see mid-life as an opportunity to rediscover our passions and put ourselves first. 


Jeannie Baudin 


Jeannie Baudin is a pharmacist and author. Her blog has a health and wellness focus, using her medicinal background to direct her writing. 


Jeannie started off writing on hormone-related topics specifically but has since branched out to discuss other areas of health. She also blogs about environmental issues, and about some of the ways our environmental conditions impact our health. 


Midlife Melody 


Midlife Melody is an insightful blog that addresses many matters of mid-life, including caring for aging parents, mid-life marriage, parenting young adults, and advice for empty nesters. 


There’s also a section for ‘mid-life you’ – with areas that include health, faith, travel, and book recommendations. Browse the Resource Library for further information on an assortment of mid-life related topics. 


Chic Over 50 


As far as fashion blogs for women over 50 go, Chic Over 50 is one that will leave you fully inspired by chic fashion. From casual everyday to swimwear and semi-formal, creator Shauna is a proponent of chic fashion over 50. Her blog posts range from everyday fashion to health, travel tips, and workout routines. 


Shauna started Chic as a way to inspire other women, and to remind them that we all have the power to inspire others in the best way. Shauna’s mission is to encourage women on their own journey of self-confidence and inner/outer beauty. 


That’s Not My Age 


That’s Not My Age by Alyson Walsh is a ‘grown-up guide to great style.’ Not limited to just style, however, the blog also includes posts on health and lifestyle topics. While the blog is edited by Alyson and includes many posts written by herself, the blog also features other writers as well. 


And once you’ve exhausted the blog, more content can be found in the Podcasts section where Alyson speaks with various special guests and interviews them on an assortment of topics. 


We Are Midlife 


We Are Midlife is a celebration of midlife style and includes sections on fashion, relationships, finance, and health. Founded by Jessica Gottlieb and Stefanie Pollard who are both based in Los Angeles, We Are Midlife is about finding joy in middle-age and about making a celebration out of it. 


As well as checking out the blog, you can connect with Jessica and Stefanie on their very active social media accounts, including their Instagram and Facebook pages. 


Blogs for Women over 50 Summary 


Now you have a dozen blogs for women over 50. If you have an interest in sharing your skills with the world and making a little money doing it, you can read my post 115 Cool Ideas.



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